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* Maintenance & Oil Changes
* Brake Repair
* Mufflers & Exhaust
* Suspension, Alignment, & Tires
* Starting & Charging / Batteries
* Engine Cooling & Air Conditioning
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Denis Auto Centre Inc. provides a comprehensive automotive repair service; specializing in under car repairs. Our technicians are certified to work on most makes of cars and trucks and we are equipped to troubleshoot and repair most automotive problems. We are committed to providing quality parts and service for the lowest price.

Oil Change
Every 5000km
Tire Rotation
Every 10000km
Power Steering Flush
Every 48000km
Caliper Service
Every 24000km
Brake Flush
Every 48000km
Transmission Service
Every 48000km
Fuel Filter Replacement
Every 24000km
Cabin Air Filter
Every 24000km
Wheel Alignments
Every 24000km
Fuel Injector Flush
Every 48000km
Timing Belt
Every 100000km

Preventive Auto Maintenance & Oil Changes

We're committed to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Our expert mechanics can recommend the right maintenance services to help prolong the life of your car and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Maintenance Package

Maintenance is a great way to keep your vehicle running smooth and strong, helping to ensure your vehicle's safety and reliability...and providing you with increased peace of mind.

This is more than just an oil change. Our expert and experienced mechanics will replace your vehicle's oil with the manufacturer-recommended weight and grade, change the oil filter, rotate all four tires, and perform a visual courtesy check on your vehicle's major systems, including brakes.